What Happens in a Workplace Investigation?

Structured stages of your investigation


Preliminary assessment

We’ll ask you for some important information about your matter – or the incident – including the estimated number of witnesses, respondents and other available evidence.


Preliminary report

We’ll prepare a formal document containing timeframes, agreed terms of reference, costs agreement and information for you about the process.We’ll also provide guides for witnesses and respondents.


Investigation – run by us or supported

During this phase we’ll conduct our investigation – or guide you through yours – in the agreed time frame. We’ll provide you with bi-weekly investigation logs detailing activities


Report and consultancy

At the completion of the investigation, we’ll provide your formal report within 14 days (earlier if agreed). A formal consultation by phone will occur within seven days. A further three weeks of phone and email support with the investigator is available. Follow-up with both respondents and witesses will also occur if agreed.


Our investigators are focused on procedural fairness, and afford all participants appropriate legislative and emotional support.

A workplace investigation requires that both parties (the complainant and the respondent) are given procedural fairness. This requires:

  1. That the employee must be made aware of the allegations raised against them
  2. That the employee is given sufficient information, time and an opportunity to respond to those allegations
  3. That the allegations are determined on the evidence alone, without any bias and in an objective and confidential manner.

It is our aim to keep the complainant, respondent and our instructors updated throughout the investigation.

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