The Forensix Group are a specialist team of workplace investigators with a reach across Australia, and beyond. We provide investigative services and consultancy to government and corporate clients in relation to workplace matters including, but not limited to:
  • Bullying and sexual harassment
  • Misconduct
  • Breaches of code of conduct and other policy
  • Health and safety investigations
  • Fraud and misappropriation
  • Stealing and other criminal matters
  • Public Interest Disclosures (PID’s) and whistleblowing
  • Workers Compensation matters.


That’s just $15 a week!

(*billed annually)

  • Access to Local government integrity specialists
  • On-demand advice and guidance
  • Complaint management advice
  • Unlimited 20-minute phone calls with your workplace investigations expert
  • Discount on additional workplace investigation work and/or consultancy including administrative reviews
  • Provision of no obligation work proposals and guidance documents related to identified issues
  • Monthly e-newsletter that gives up to date best practice advice, legal and case law updates related to workplace investigations and informative articles

*Pulse Package  billed annually. All packages are exclusive of GST and expenses (mileage, airfares if required, accommodation, hire car, tolls, interview transcription services). These are charged at cost only to the client. Surveillance services are additional and are charged at an hourly rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in the subscription?

Your subscription to the Workplace Investigation Advice Line provides year-round access to quality advice relating to any complaint, proposed or current workplace investigation, policy matter, performance management process, administrative complaints, dispute resolution/mediation, public interest disclosure, whistleblower management, stealing, fraud or other criminal acts, misconduct and code of conduct breaches and related matters. You receive unlimited 30-minute phone calls with our expert investigators, access to a specialist email address for enquiries and a monthly newsletter.

And, of course, peace of mind knowing that there’s someone available to help you right from the start. Poorly triaged integrity matters can lead to bigger problems.

Are you lawyers?

We are not a legal firm and do not provide legal advice. Our service is based on giving you procedural advice regarding matters in our scope. If it’s a strict legal issue you require assistance with, we have strong links with employment and industrial lawyers.

We’re able to work with your lawyers (or ours) in providing advice and investigations on legally privileged matters.

Is it really only $15 a week?

Yes! That’s what the weekly cost is when broken down. Pretty good value, we believe.

Note though that the subscription is payable annually in advance at a total of $799 plus GST.

Are there any limitations to the subscription?

The phone consultations are for a maximum of 20 minutes. We’d love to talk to you for longer (we love talking about this stuff!) but we can give you the advice you need in this time.

Each phone consultation must only relate to new topic/issue/matter (opposed to an ongoing matter that you’ve already received advice about), but you’re able to send up to five emails about the same matter. If it was the case that you required an investigation, review, mediation, or supervision, we are happy to assist you at a discounted rate. We have a network of skilled and experienced investigators across the country. We match the right investigator to your particular issue.

We can provide you – at no cost or obligation – a proposal to conduct an investigation or perform other work.

How do I get in touch and organise a consultation?

Once you decide to have a consultation go to our website and click our booking tab, where you get to choose a date and time. If it’s urgent you can give us a call on 1300 138 467. We’ll get back to you before close of business that day if possible.

How do I get started?

Once you decide to subscribe we’ll send you an invoice for the annual amount. Once payment is received you’re right to go.

And if you want to talk to us beforehand about whether Pulse suits you need, don’t hesitate to get in touch on 1300 138 467 or via email pulse@forensix.com.au

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