Location Services including MISSING PERSONS

It is reported that each year in Australia 38,000 people go missing. Thankfully, the large majority of these are located, however there still remains over 2000 active missing persons cases.

There are many reasons why someone goes missing, ranging from financial, personal/relationship, to criminal acts.

Investigating missing persons cases is a complex field.

Police services across the country play a crucial role in responding to and investigating reports of missing people, complemented by non-government search agencies such as The Salvation Army and the Australian Red Cross. However because of the nature of these investigations – and the competing priorities of police – it is sometimes an option to engage professional investigators.

The team at ForenSix Investigations Group are experienced in missing persons investigations. With networks across the world (through the World Association of Detectives) our specialist analysts have access to resources others don’t.

Our specialist location services also involve

  • Locating debtors, including individuals and companies eluding payments or other services.
  • Finding witnesses and potential recipients for legal process service
  • General location services. Finding people is a tricky field and there are some that want people found for the wrong reasons. Because of the sensitive nature of these complex investigations, each case is assessed for reason veracity.
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