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ForenSix Investigations Group provide specialist services to the legal industry. Our team is experienced in legal matters both in criminal and civil/administrative jurisdictions.

Specialist plaintiff services
Plaintiff investigators exist to assist both personal injury and commercial lawyers strengthen their case. All of ForenSix’s investigations are conducted with the expectation that our finalised report will be presented in the court, or used during negotiations with the defendant.

Our expert investigative team include former police detectives who have extensive training in scene investigation, evidence gathering and documentation. They are also experts in taking statements and interviewing witnesses. We can provide a cost effective investigative solution to plaintiff lawyers and their clients, including the use of factual investigations and surveillance.
At ForenSix, we only work for the plaintiff, which makes us one of the only specialists in this area.

Criminal defence services
Criminal defence investigation work is a highly specialised field. The team at ForenSix are former police detectives who can assist to review a case, assist with evidence gathering for trial and provide expert advice on the police investigation and/or brief of evidence. With expert knowledge of criminal investigation, techniques, defences, evidence and gap identification, engaging a defence investigator can be valuable for your case.

We work closely with solicitors and barristers across Australia pre-trial and following any conviction.

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